Hermine Harutyunyan

Mrs. Hermine Harutyunyan started her career in 1995 in the Central Bank of Armenia holding different positions. She was specialized in monetary policy operations, including money market operations.

In the employment period with the Central Bank, she coordinated different projects relating to the Government bond market development. Particularly, she had direct involvement in development of Government bond market legal regulations.

Mrs. Harutyunyan has been holding position of Director of the Armenian Deposit Guarantee Fund (ADGF) since June 2008. She has an experience in working with international experts in deposit insurance area.

Full membership with the European Forum of Deposit Insurers (EFDI) allows ADGF participate in different international meetings and events. Particularly, Hermine Harutyunyan is a member of PR committee created under EFDI.

In addition, ADGF is a member of National Strategy Programme of the Financial Literacy of RA, under which Hermine Haurtyunyan is actively involved in the activites in the sphere of financial education in Armenia. She is a co-initiator of several projects and events contributing to the improvement of financial literacy in Armenia.

After the adoption of the new pension fund regulation in RA she is also holding position of Director of the Pension Guarantee Fund Management Foundation.

Mrs. Harutyunyan has graduated from Yerevan Institute of National Economy.