Lkhagvasuren Byadran

Mr. Lkhagvasuren Byadran is the Governor of the Bank of Mongolia in addition also serves as a member on both the Monetary Policy Board and the Financial Stability Board.

Mr. Byadran was appointed as the First Executive Director of the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Mongolia in 2013 to ensure effective implementation of the newly approved “Law on Bank Deposit Insurance”. He is a founding member of the Deposit Insurance Corporation and greatly contributed to the smooth transition of The Mongolian banking system from blanket-guarantee system to a limited-coverage deposit insurance system. He successfully led the very first insured event in the Mongolian banking history. Under his leadership, Mongolia joined the International Association of Deposit Insurers as its 72nd member country, bringing great opportunities to cooperate and share experience with deposit insurance institutions of other countries.

Mr. Byadran has been with the Bank of Mongolia (The Central Bank) for 30 years. He is closely associated with the banking sector reform in Mongolia as he was the Director-General of the Banking Supervision Department and the Director-General of the Payment and Information Technology Department. He was an Ex-Officio member of the Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia and Vice President of the Mongolian Bankers Association from 2014 to 2016.

Before working at the Bank of Mongolia, he worked as a research expert at the Economic Institute of The Central Planning Committee of Mongolia, on issues related to monetary policy and financial sector stability.

Mr. Byadran holds a Bachelor of Economics from the National University of Mongolia and a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University in New York.