Keunyoung Maeng

Mr. Keunyoung Maeng is an Assistant Manager of Bilateral Relations within the Office of International Cooperation at the KDIC.

He manages relationships with worldwide deposit insurers and seeks to build new bilateral relationships with various foreign organizations by creating communications and events. He also organizes diverse capacity building programs in the form of 'KDIC Global Training Program' and other customized training sessions in order to share KDIC's knowledge and experiences with partner organizations.

Prior to this, Mr. Maeng worked in the position utilizing the IT system as a basis for KDIC's differential premiums. He managed process of gathering needed information for premium assessment. He was also in charge of ensuring that KDIC-insured banks and financial institutions complied with the requirements and policies of the KDIC's DPS framework in collaboration with the IT development and management team.

Mr. Maeng earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and Economics from Yonsei University.